Wednesday, May 23, 2007

BFA Exhibit at SFAI

I didn't take a systematic look at the 2007 BFA Exhibiton at San Francisco Art Institute, but several artists caught my attention as I walked through the show. See below.

Above, an array of folded paper sculptures by Mia Liu—origami meets Wall Street.

Above, a close-up of one of the shirts.

Above, one of the product tags attached to Liu's shirts.

Above, Sara Thibault's video installation, “New Heights,” installed at a height of 7 feet.
A hand kept slapping the wall in the video.

Above, the wall-slapping action of Thibault's video.

Above, Jack Decker in an extended wrestling match with a side chair.
This section of his “Actions” video is called “The Futility of Making Art.”

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for reporting my work. I like the idea of what you say, "origami meets Wall Stree". Here is the link of my work, please check it out!