Sunday, May 06, 2007

Open House at the Headlands

On 4/22/07, I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to visit the Headlands Center for the Arts, which was having an open house. In the building that once was a bowling alley (in the site's military days), Kirk Stoller held forth with his most recent sculptures and installations. Stoller likes to turn flooring materials into wall constructions. I enjoyed seeing the works shown above and below.

In a huge studio in another building, New York artist (and porn performer) Zak Smith had drawings large and small tacked to the walls. Below is one of his portraits and one of his grid-like works derived from the format of comics.

In another huge studio, North Carolina artist Stacey Kirby was handing out forms (on clipboards) on which visitors were asked to make comments about her array of personal possessions. She had brought 17 (or was it 19) boxes of stuff for her residency, and she was wondering why. The contents of these boxes were neatly arrayed on the floor, creating an inventory of the interface between self and things. Photos below.

Personal possessions are manipulated another way by Alex Clausen, who has persuaded various people to let him take over a room in their living space and tie up the room's furniture into a huge bundle, which he then photographs. The photos are then painted (with acrylic or digital color) to cover the possessions but leave the ropes visible. In his small studio at HCA, I saw maquettes of sculptures that he wants to make from this practice. Actually, the idea for these sculptures pre-dated the photographic work. What he wants to do is to show the ropes in 3D, without the objects that they originally held. The maquettes (see below) look promising.

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