Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sid Garrison at Limn Gallery (SF)

Colored pencil on paper is the chosen medium of San Francisco artist Sid Garrison (a friend of mine). His labor-intensive application of color pushes drawing in the direction of painting. He likes to cover the entire surface—even the white areas in his drawings are actually white pencil. The drawings are abstract, but they reference objects in the real world, and they are usually made while the artist listens to music or even to non-musical sound patterns.

The drawings are titled with their dates of completion. A square format predominates (23" x 23" and 28" x 28" are currently typical) , but there is an occasional foray into the rectangle. The range of styles and moods achieved in the drawings is testimony to Garrison's command of a restrictive medium. Examples of his work from recent years are shown on his website.

Garrison currently has an exhibit of drawings, on view through May 27th, at the Limn Gallery in San Francisco. Limn Gallery is located in the rear building at 290 Townsend St., near 4th St. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 to 5:30. The gallery phone is (415) 977-1300. Visitors to Limn Gallery who are interested in Garrison's work should ask to view a portfolio of additional work, which contains some superb drawings.

Another exhibit of Garrison's drawings has just opened in Houston at the Devin Borden Hiram Butler Gallery.

Some images of the work shown at Limn are provided above and below (images from the artist's website).

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