Monday, May 07, 2007

Nadol Pak at Lisa Dent (SF)

Note: This exhibit is scheduled to close on 5/11/07.

Nadol Pak, a young artist in the Bay Area, creates landscape-like drawings in ink on paper using an intensive process of spontaneous mark-making. In each work, a dense accumulation of marks, many of them ideographic, evolves into an image that represents a real (historical) or fantasy space. The marks borrow from the world of comics and have a similar vitality but on a miniaturized scale. In some cases the images present a flattened (or multiplied) perspective in the manner of classical Chinese paintings and Japanese gardens.

Pak's work has an affinity with several other artists who specialize in small, highly detailed drawings, but he has found his own identity in this arena. His most recent drawings, on view at Lisa Dent Gallery, show that he has continued to develop his signature style.

Pak's drawings do not photograph well. In fact, photos tend to misrepresent them. They really need to be seen in person. The image above, a large detail from one of Pak's latest drawings, is offered as a lure.

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