Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tara Tucker at Rena Bransten (SF)

Note: This exhibition is scheduled to close on 5/19/07.

Strange creatures are Tara Tucker's artistic bailiwick. For a number of years, she has given realistic form to imaginary creatures in sculpture, paintings, and drawings. In her current solo show at Rena Bransten Gallery, Tucker is showing several sculptures and a generous assortment of superb graphite drawings.

The drawings have the hand-wrought precision of antique zoological illustrations, but they refer to an imagined future. Tucker's theme is the potential merger of species under the evolutionary pressure of environmental change. In some cases, she imagines the genetic merger of animals and plants. Examples of the work are shown above and below (two images are from the gallery website).

(The drawing at the top is approximately 35" x 44".)

Approx. 27" x 32"

Approx. 11" x 13"

Approx. 32" x 27"

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