Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sahar Khoury at 2nd Floor (SF)

Note: Regular viewing hours are Sunday, 12-5. Appointments may be made at other times. The final Sunday for this exhibit is 5/20/07.

Margaret Tedesco has initiated a project space in her Mission District apartment, calling it 2nd Floor. The first artist to be presented there is Sahar Khoury, whose show consists of papier-mâché sculptures, paintings, and works on paper. Although overcrowded, the show makes it clear that this artist has a gift for creating sculptural forms. The informal materials and rough edges create a degree of uncertainty that makes your mind work to grasp the form. As a result, the most successful works really stay in the memory. The photos below provide a sampling of the objects exhibited. The shot above is borrowed from the 2nd Floor website.

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