Wednesday, February 14, 2007

“The Unknown Quantity” at Gregory Lind (SF)

Alert: This exhibit is scheduled to close on 2/28/07.

Group shows at Gregory Lind Gallery are compact and fun. The current one, named "The Unknown Quantity" after the 1933 Hermann Broch novel, comes with a heady curatorial statement better suited to a museum show, but nobody will mind. Gregory Lind has lived in Germany and no doubt has read the novel, perhaps in German. Broch was a remarkable character, so add that book to your list.

Here are some highlights of the exhibit—alas, with mediocre photos except the two I borrowed from the gallery website.

1. A sculpture by San Francisco artist Christian Maychack (photo at top, with detail below).

2. A painting on paper (below) by New York artist Franklin Evans, who will have a solo show at the gallery in March. This one is called "FF frenchkiss." Makes you want to look close, no?

3. A mysteriously coded drawing by New York artist Will Yackulic (below).

4. A drawing by San Francisco artist Mat O'Brien, with a great title, "Between Theories" (below).

5. A thread drawing by another San Francisco artist, Chris Duncan (below).

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