Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Media Blitz at The Garage (SF)

The Garage is an occasional, artist-run exhibition space in San Francisco, hosted by Justin Hoover. On 1/27/07 (for one night), guest curator Charlene Tan put together a group show called “Media Blitz.” It was the best so far at this venue.

Appropriately, one project was a car, which I failed to photograph. It was an old-style Volkswagen Beetle, white in color. The insides of the windows were covered in white paper. It looked like a Pop version of a Minimalist object. If you opened a door, however, you heard a soundtrack of female sexual cries and moans from a porno film. You could climb inside and be enveloped by the sound. Ricardo Anibal Perez was the artist.

Jaren Bonillo showed one of her silhouette projections, which look uncannily like a real person moving around (images at top).

Kenneth Lo created a small tribute to the lovelorn. Underneath a clear plastic drinking cup, placed upside-down on a white pedestal, rested a dead fly that had been painted in 24-caret gold. Nearby was taped a page from a pocket notebook. Looking at the paper closely, you could see the residual impression of handwriting, like a clue in an old detective movie. The words read: unlucky in love. (Photos above.)

Stoyan Dabov turned The Garage’s beloved pit into a sort of cyber grid space (photo above).

A large video projection dominated one wall: “Eyeplugs 2.0 (remixed).” It featured a barrage of images, distorted and degraded, and moving too fast. It conjured up a feeling of memory loss in a speeded-up world of competitive images. This project was assembled by Experimental Channel & Decaycast/Ratskin Records.

Other video and sound works were included. Somehow the blitz effect was maintained without crushing any individual work—a neat trick.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad you covered the show. nice documentation, too.

Charlene Tan said...

I <3 Bob, I see you every were and am incredibly honored that you enjoyed my show.

Thank you so much
Charlene Tan

justin said...

I agree, Bob, I see you everwhere and am glad I do. Nice read on the works though. I think Jaren's projection piece was awesome. Thanks Bob!