Monday, February 26, 2007

Jeremy Mora at Mark Wolfe (SF)

Anywhere But Here (schoolgirl at edge of deep chasm)*

Note: This exhibit is scheduled to close on 3/23/07.

Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art (San Francisco) is presenting a solo exhibit of sculptures by young Los Angeles artist Jeremy Mora. Mora creates miniature diorama-like landscapes, and there are 53 of them on view. Some editing would have helped, but it’s a very engaging show.

Mora’s vignettes are usually views of nature, often remote spots, into which humans have intruded and left their mark. In some cases, miniature people (less than ¼-inch high) are present. In other cases, there is just some construction or paraphernalia of habitation. A few of the works depict urban infrastructure. The fabrication is meticulous.

It is probably time for a museum show of new miniatures—quite a few artists are working in this vein now.

Here is a small selection from Mora’s show:

And So We March (clowns on parade)



Graveyard (stacks of crushed automobiles)

New Beginning #2 (broken public statue on the right)

* Detail view (from gallery website)

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