Saturday, February 17, 2007

“Close Calls” at the Headlands

Alert: This exhibition closes on 2/25/07.

The Headlands Center for the Arts (HCA) is a short drive from San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge into the Marin headlands. In recent years, HCA has presented a “Close Calls” exhibition featuring California artists who applied for residencies at HCA or for the Tournesol Award in Painting, but who narrowly missed being selected.

Here is a look at some of the work in the 2007 edition of this show.

Zachary Scholz like to find sculptural moments in junk. Above is a foam cushion split and installed on the wall. Below is more foam, resting on top of some empty bottles.

Victoria May contributed a sculpture, "Collateral Damage," in which thread stands in for blood. Below is a general view and a closeup.

Steve Lambert, currently in New York as a fellow at Eyebeam’s Open R&D Lab, asked several Bay Area friends to staff his "I will talk with anyone..." table, but they turned him down. Somehow, though, the table got used.

A beautiful graphite and charcoal drawing of a "Horned Owl Wing" seemed larger than life even for a notably large species. The artist is Sheila Ghidini.

Below is Lucas Murgida standing next to documentation of of project in which he installed himself at various locales to teach people locksmithing techniques. Murgida's projects are always related to his daytime job, and he became a locksmith (for 4 years) in order to do this project.

David O. Johnson installed two neon pieces, one on the floor and one in a nearby wall, that seemed to function as one work:

Finally, a rather mystical abstract painting by Chris Duncan (very shiny):

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Thanks for coming to show and taking the time to write about it! Lucas Murgida