Monday, February 19, 2007

Bill Owens at Robert Koch (SF)

Alert: This exhibit is scheduled to close on 2/24/07.

At Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco, there is a snappy little exhibit of medium-large color photographs by noted Bay Area photographer Bill Owens, under the title "Flesh." I noticed that the photos were framed using an excellent non-reflective glass. The gallery told me that the glass was sourced in Europe after the closure of the Denglas factory in the U.S. To my eye, the European glass is superior to the best grade of Denglas, which was serviceable for straight-on viewing but produced undesirable blue-green tints at an angle.

Also on view at Koch is work by Brooklyn-based photographer Christian Patterson: a series of color shots of Memphis, Tennessee, in the manner of William Eggleston.

Above and below are three favorite images from the Owens show (borrowed from the gallery website). The photo at top is called "Grill," and the reflections are part of it. The first photo below is called "Freud at the Met," referring to the Lucien Freud exhibition at New York's Metropolitan Museum some years ago. The third image is "Roasted Pork."

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