Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New York Trip Stats

I’ve been feeling worn out since returning from New York, and no wonder. My 9-day trip included the following (in sequence):

• Visit to the Whitney Biennial (5 hours)
• Visit to PS1 (3 hours)
• Visit to the Neue Galerie (over 1 hour)
• Evening at the Met Opera
• Visit to the Pulse art fair (3 hours)
• Visit to Pier 92 of the Armory Show (4 hours)
• Evening at the NY Philharmonic
• Visit to the LA Art fair (2 hours)
• Visit to a Chelsea gallery to ask about an artist (1 hour)
• Visit to Pier 90 of the Armory Show (3 hours)
• Visit to the Studio Museum in Harlem (2 hours)
• Visit to the Scope art fair (1.5 hours)
• Return visit to the Scope art fair (1.5 hours)
• Visit to Museum of Modern Art (4.5 hours)
• Visit to Gallery W52 (0.5 hour)
• Visit to 36 Chelsea galleries and the New Museum (over 5 hours)
• Dinner in Brooklyn with a gallery owner and artists
• Visit to another 29 Chelsea galleries (over 5 hours)
• Visit to the Folk Art Museum for the “Obsessive Drawing” show (1 hr)

I will comment on some of the art-viewing, and on being in New York, in the coming days. There will be photos!

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