Thursday, March 30, 2006

CCA Playspace ("Snap, Crackle, Pop")

For the new show at CCA's graduate gallery, Sarrita Hunn has chosen 11 artists (mostly women) whose conversations about painting have been especially illuminating during her time at CCA. Mitzi Pederson's contribution to the show is pictured above. Below are photos of several other works.

A small work by Laurel Voss (mixed media, including collage):

A work by Sally Elesby, projecting from the wall, with shadows, estimated at 30" wide (oil paint, colored glue, wire):

Detail of the above:

Carol Anne McChrystal (mixed media including what appears to be pink foam insulation):

Detail of the above:

Dan Reneau's "PowerPoint Autoshape (Explosion 2)" made from an acrylic sheet:

Playspace is located on the second floor at CCA, 1111 Eighth St., in the Potrero neighborhood. The exhibition is scheduled to run through April 12th. Gallery hours are not clearly defined; for information, call the main campus number, (415) 703-9500.

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