Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Friday Art Events

Here are some Bay Area art events for Friday, March 3rd:

San Francisco

In the Mission District, at Ratio 3, new work by Ben Peterson will be shown under the title, “You Build It, We Burn It.” Peterson is a deadpan ninja, deftly eviscerating suburban dreams about how the world should look. His drawings (sometimes large) are in a precise style drawn from architectural renderings, instructional diagrams, and other sources. This time he also includes a sculpture. It will be interesting to see where his mind—and our world—have taken him lately. The Friday reception hours are 6-8 pm. The address is 903 Guerrero (at 21st St.).

Also in the Mission, at Mission 17, there will be an opening reception from 6-9 pm for a new installation by Katherin McInnis. This is described as presenting “the thrift store as a locus of meaning and social interaction.” Using video, McInnis has interviewed local residents about their thrift-store finds. The address is 2111 Mission St., at 17th St.

Over in Dogpatch, Ampersand International Arts will have a reception from 6-8:30 pm Friday for a show featuring two artists, Jennifer Kaufman and Andy Vogt. Some time ago Vogt became fascinated by salvaged wooden lath, and judging from a peek in his studio recently, the lath is spreading across the floor and raising itself up. The address is 1001 Tennessee St. (at 20th St.).


A number of galleries are open for the First Friday art walk. As on previous occasions, this is taking place on a night when there is a lot of art activity in San Francisco. It is also happening on a FRIDAY NIGHT, the worst night of the week for San Franciscans to travel to the East Bay. In a just world, neither of these things would occur, say I. Well, maybe Oakland doesn't care about the SF crowd. Tons of people live over there, after all. But speaking selfishly, if I can't get to First Friday, I find it hard to see the shows at all because the hours of the galleries are such a patchwork.

I'm sure there will be some good work on view. Check it out if you can. The Oakland Art Murmur website provides First Friday information, including gallery addresses and (on the listings page) links to some of the gallery websites .


Mike said...


I'm all the way on the East Coast and just got through filming with Kon Trubkovich.

He's doing a short film about the Attica uprising.

We filmed it in a real prison in Noth Philly.

I had a blas and most of us did, even though we were nude and it's kinda' cold in North Philly this late in October! LOL!

Kon was cool, but he seemed to have a person who was directing HIM.

It was weird but, this one dude seemed to push Kon around.

In any event, I was just surfing to find out more about Kon and I stumbled onto your blog.

BTW, when we were all naked (as we were expected to be in the history of the prison uprising), we started yelling "ATTICA, ATTICA, ATTICA!" 'cause that's Kon's next film and it's supposed to be at the Boesky Gallery in NYC next September.

I think we freaked Kon out with our enthusiasm. Maybe not. Still, he let at least one person push him around. I saw it and I stand by it. Heck, even the dude water spraying the basketball court where we did the scenes didn't pay attention to Kon.

And we were all nude!

Good on you out there in Frisco.

I'm staying East Coast.



Bob said...

I just realized that I failed to respond to Mike's comment. Probably because I had nothing to say that was as entertaining as his story. But to eliminate confusion, I should point out that his comment was attached to the wrong posting. It should have been attached to my posting dated March 30, 2006, about visiting PS1 in New York. As to what Mike says, it occurs to me that the guy who seemed to be pushing Kon Trubkovich around might have been an A.D., an assistant director. Inexperienced film directors often hire a more experienced person (sometimes a good deal older) to pull a shoot together in the role of A.D.