Monday, March 06, 2006

Heading to New York

Tomorrow I fly to New York for a 9-day art frenzy. The Whitney Biennial has opened, and the Armory Show and several other art fairs are happening this weekend. I am super-prepared. Look at this floor map of the Armory Show, which I have marked up so I can focus on the galleries that interest me. Look at these shortlists of preferred galleries at the other fairs. Look at this target list of some 115 other art venues, arranged by neighborhood.

I don't have a suitable mobile device for Internet access during the trip. So I will be scouting for access in New York. I hope that I can arrange to post a few items to the blog. But it's possible that the entire period will be –(sigh) blogus interruptus.

After my return, I'll open a new email account dedicated to the blog. The address will be posted, and I will welcome private comments in addition to the public comments that can be made in the blog.

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