Tuesday, June 05, 2007

“Wunderkammer” at Garage Biennial (SF)

San Francisco’s Garage Biennial began its new season on May 26th with a tight, enjoyable show that had to fight against a cold wet night that poured down on the open three-car garage and adjacent patio. The seven-artist exhibit, entitled “Wunderkammer,” was organized by Nadim Sabella and Larry Shao, in conjunction with a new Oakland venue, Johansson Projects. As usual, the Garage Biennial installation was a one-night affair, but the exhibit will be reprised at Johansson Projects, on a date to be announced.

Joshua Pieper offered macabre humor in an installation called “Articles Wanted,” which consisted of a newspaper ad (above) posted next to the articles mentioned in the ad (below).

Another delight was Jason Mortara’s video compilation, “A gentle collapsing of every surface,” in which devices were recursively used upon others of their own type. For example, as shown in the video still below, Mortara has just measured the width of the big measuring tape using the small tape.

A voyeur experience was offered by Ali Pembleton’s ongoing dating project. On her website and even on utility poles, she had posted photos of herself in different guises (athletic, sophisticated, etc.). Men were invited to contact her “to be considered for a date.” On the roof of the garage, above the main action, she sat with men who showed up for appointments (photo below).

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