Saturday, June 09, 2007

Jessica Snow at Rena Bransten (SF)

Note: This exhibit is scheduled to close on 7/7/07.

In previous encounters with Jessica Snow’s work, I saw that she had a good hand and very specific, often unexpected, ideas about color. Yet I thought her work tended to look over-busy, as if she believed that a mass of elements would convey a lot of energy. Despite the crowding, the work came across as reticent because of its reliance on pastel shades.

Snow’s new exhibition at Rena Bransten Gallery in San Francisco is a step up in every way. Using acrylic (and sometimes watercolor) on paper, she organizes a medley of abstract Pop shapes into lively adventures that often look like music in action. Compositions seem tighter, and colors are more varied in tone, often brighter and more saturated. In some works, the forms look as if they could dance right off the page. The energy can turn a bit frantic, and there is a good deal of visual tension, but a happy mood prevails. I would say that Snow is on a roll.

Images from the exhibit are shown above and below.

This is a detail of the work above.

This is a detail of the work above.


Michelle Blade said...

i love rena bransten, they never dissapoint...this looks like a great show.

Anonymous said...

having owned 2 galleries representing over 60 artists - i can whole heartedly say Jessica Snow is on her way to making a name for herself in the art world. edgy, yet defined. persuasive and seductive in every way. thank you rb gallery for showing this artist.