Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Last Chance: Hank Willis Thomas @ Lisa Dent

Saturday, April 8th is the final day for the Hank Willis Thomas exhibition at Lisa Dent Gallery in San Francisco. Most of the work on view is based on advertisements that feature African-Americans (photos above and below). Thomas has removed the text and logos to highlight the imagery. The show also includes a stop-action animation, “Winter in America,” that has been shown previously in SF and was included in the recent “Frequency” show at the Studio Museum Harlem. The title and part of the soundtrack are taken from the Gil Scott-Heron song. As I understand it, the video is based on the real-life killing of Thomas's cousin. The work is compelling even on the tiny screen used in this installation. (It deserves to be larger, though.) The gallery is located at 660 Mission St., near 4th St.

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