Tuesday, October 24, 2006

San Francisco Sightings — September 2006

Alert: The SFAC show closes on 10/28/06.

Last month, I visited the Murphy-Cadogan Fellowship show at the San Francisco Art Commission Gallery (SFAC). Among various works by local MFA candidates, several stood out. One was an overscale photo-realist painting of a camera by Edmund Wyss, which looked like artillery (image below). A colorfully nauseating video by Bessmar Khalaf showed herself devouring a confectionary landscape (next below). A polished drawing by Robert Burden depicted goofy cartoon characters, like escapees from a lowbrow TV ad, encountering trouble in a more realistic comics universe (image at top).

At the new Eleanor Harwood Gallery, there were many drawings on brown paper by Emily Prince, depicting sets of household objects. An assortment of electrical chargers was one of my favorites:

At Rena Bransten Gallery, a group show included several works by disabled artists, including an atmospheric sleep scene by the autistic William Tyler (detail below):

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