Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hamburger Eyes at Steven Wolf (SF)

Alert: This exhibtion is scheduled to close on 9/30/06.

Steven Wolf Fine Arts has turned its main space over to Hamburger Eyes, a collective based in San Francisco that has earned a good reputation for its photo zine, published as a limited-edition. Many of the photos in the show have appeared in the zine. It’s a crowded show in the typical Hamburger Eyes style (part of the show in shown above in a photo taken from the gallery website).

During my limited time at the gallery, a few works jumped out at me. Here are photos by Ray Potes of a man and a woman:

Here's another Ray Potes shot of a cigarette stand in New York:

Here is a photo by Stefan Simikich of a man tossing water :

Finally, here’s a photo of riot control by Uri Korn (who works at the gallery):

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