Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Art of Conspiracy at Heather Marx

The new show at Heather Marx Gallery is a funhouse of American paranoia, created by Los Angeles artists Davis & Davis. The centerpiece is a mockup of a diner (photo above) where two Men in Black recite threatening snippets of dialog from 1940s films noirs. A copy of the Krill Report (about UFOs) sits on the cafĂ© table. Two other works occupy the room, and a diagram at the desk attempts to connect all three in the manner of Mark Lombardi’s conspiracy drawings (photo below). Even “Shambhala” as recorded by Three Dog Night gets pulled into the mix.

If you walk into the back room, you’ll encounter a work by another artist, David Hevel, that seems to react to the atmosphere with pure terror (detail below). Actually, Hevel’s piece is meant to represent actor Tom Cruise’s girlfriend Katie Holmes giving birth.

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